Good news for sellers! Sold prices increased February vs. January. 


Looking at single family homes in Fairfield, sold prices were up by 16% vs. last month.  Average days on market dropped by 3.  The amount of homes available for sale has declined dramatically dropping by over 100 homes.  


When there is less inventory on the market, sale prices tend to go up.  We have noticed that in our business, we are seeing many more buyers enter the market. These buyers are serious about buying 💰and have their mortgage pre-approvals in hand.  They are keenly aware that there are 3 interest rate hikes anticipated in 2018, and they are ready to buy now.


We're super busy!  Why is that good for you?  The busier the agent, the more access to quality buyers for your house.  If you are thinking of selling, our advice:  Put your house on the market in front of the onslaught of spring inventory.  We believe you will command more attention and a higher price.


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