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When are you planning to move?


Why is October 1st the happiest day for some Fairfield, CT residents?

3 of our favorite lunch spots in fairfield, ct

You'll love the 3 lunch spots that Judy and Lisa feature in this video.  If you're out home shopping, maybe driving around going to open houses, you have to check out these hot spots for lunch.  You'll love them as much we do!


3 of our favorite parks in fairfield, ct


FairField Schools

Fairlfield public school overview


Here is a quick overview of the public schools in Fairfield, CT.  Click the links to learn more about each school.




Judy and Lisa recap what happened in real estate in Fairfield for the previous month.  Find out how many homes are selling, how long it takes to sell a home, average price, and a variety of information and trends on the real estate market in Fairfield, CT.


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