We are featuring some of our favorite things about Fairfield, CT to give you a glimpse into our wonderful community.


3 of Our Favorite Lunch Spots in Fairfield, CT

You'll love the 3 lunch spots that Judy and Lisa feature in this video.  If you're out home shopping, maybe driving around going to open houses, you have to check out these hot spots for lunch.  You'll love them as much we do!

3 of Our Favorite PARKS in Fairfield, CT

Every Neighborhood in Fairfield Has It's Own Personality. Learn About Our Neighborhoods Here.

Lake Hills 2017 Market Recap


Houses in Lake Hills sold faster in 2017 vs. 2016

In this video, you learn the real estate statistics from the 2017 market including median sales price, days on market, and number of homes sold in the last year.




Lake Mohegan 2017 Real Estate Recap


It was a hot year in Lake Mohegan.  Find out why.

Prices are up?  Yes, it's true.  Watch this video and learn more about Lake Mohegan Real Estate.




University 2017 Real Estate Recap

Is this still a sought after neighborhood?  Find out in this video.

If you were selling in December this year, there were more buyers in the market.  What else happened in 2017 here in this market.




Beach 2017 Real Estate Recap

Is it hot at the beach?  You bet.  Find out why in this video.

Thinking of buying or selling in the Beach Neighborhood in Fairfield?  Find out what happened in the Real Estate Market in this area in Fairfield, CT.




Greenfield Hill 2017 Market Wrap Up


Stratfield 2017 Real Estate Recap


This area in Fairfield has such a distinct personality. Learn about the market in Stratfield.

Fairfield Real Estate Monthly Recap, May, 2018

You might be surprised to find out how long it takes to sell a single family home in Fairfield, CT.  The number from May is surprising.  Also find out the average price for a sold home in May, and everything you need to know about the trends.