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Find out what happened in the

Fairfield Real Estate Market


Fairfield Real Estate Recap, November, 2018


What happened in the real estate market in Fairfield? Only 30 new listings in the last 30 days. Why is that down by 50% from the previous month? Find out here. Call Judy Mitchell at 917-880-6342 or Lisa Damp at 203-685-4314


Fairfield Real Estate Recap, October, 2018

42% Reduction in new inventory in Fairfield. Find out more about what happened in the real estate market in Fairfield, CT when Judy and Lisa go through the numbers and provide some interesting neighborhood info. If you homeowner in Fairfield, this is what you need to know!


Fairfield Real Estate Update, September 2018

Good news homes sellers of Fairfield. Our median price of single family house was UP in Fairfield vs. in 2017. Find out how much in this video.


Fairfield Real Estate Update, August 2018

Judy and Lisa have great news to share about the median sales price of a home in Fairfield. Check out the numbers in the August, 2018 update.


Fairfield Real Estate Update, July 2018

Everybody always asks us, what's happening in the real estate market in Fairfield? Here are the numbers in Fairfield, CT for single family homes for July, 2018. Guess what? The news is good. If you are thinking of selling, now may be a good time!


FairField Schools

Learn more about Fairfield Schools

All links you need for info on our schools.



Check out the monthly real estate recap

Just the basic stats you need to know!

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Judy & Lisa on all our fave spots in town

restaurants, shops, museums, parks, beaches, music venues, work-out places, and maybe a happy hour spot or 2!

 One our faves!

One our faves!



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