Don't Let Zillow Sell You Short! Learn how Zillow could devalue your home and affect how much you can sell your house for in Fairfield County, CT.

Have you ever checked your "zestimate" on Zillow? Caution!




Zillow is almost always wrong. This is particularly true in our area where we have homes in the same neighborhood that vary dramatically in value.  We can have a house valued at $400,000 right next door to one valued over $1M.  There are a variety of unique characteristics that can influence property value in our area. The Zillow algorithim simply cannot distinquish fine nuances. For example, commuting location, home style, a finished basement, flood zone, FEMA compliancy, recent and high quality renovations, a sloping yard, and more.


The only way to get a true estimate of your home value is by a qualified real estate professional, who diligently follows the market and visits your home to look at mechanicals, assess condition and finishes, and who considers your neighborhood and location. 

Here is an example of how I proved Zillow wrong and saved my sellers $19,000.

A Case Study:  95 Flax Road


The zestimate on this home was  $601,426


I sold this home for $620,000


Money saved for the seller:  $19,000

This is how the house looked to Zillow.


This is how the house looked to the buyers.


SOLD $620,000


The power of perfect photography and a demographically targeted digital marketing campaign helped open the door to buyers at a price much higher price than the "zesimtate."  We saved the sellers $19,000.


Talk to Judy Mitchell and her team about the accurate value of your home.  Find out how we can provide top quality property marketing that will bring you with the highest possible sale price.